Solutions and Products

1. SDKs categories

List of solutions by implementation:

  • SDKs for in-app cybersecurity - Integrate our most versatile solution which provides in-app sensitive data scanning and classification technologies for any file and string.
  • Cloud-based API - Easily perform data inspection and discover threats by triggering a scanning job and pointing your app data at our cloud-based API.
  • SaaS for Data Storage Services - Get visibility into sensitive data stored by your data storage services (Box, Dropbox, etc.) with our SaaS scanning and classification engine.

List of solutions by use cases:

  • Collaboration and messaging apps - Integrate cybersecurity features into messaging and collaboration apps like Mattermost, Slack, HipChat, and others and support users in benefiting from them with no data security compromises.
  • Online backup, sync and file sharing - Extend the security of your backup, sync and file sharing solutions with powerful real time sensitive data analysis features that help organizations become compliant and avoid information security violations.

2. SDKs for in-app cybersecurity

SDKs for in-app cybersecurity - Easily upgrade your security features by integrating our most versatile solution in your apps, services and platforms. Add in-app sensitive data scanning and classification technologies to any file and string.

  • Works fully Offline, no need to communicate with any external service or API.
  • Enrich your applications with advanced Data Loss Prevention and other security features through our complete and well documented tools.
  • It’s divided into modules with specific SDKs for DLP, data classification and others.
  • It also includes language specific sets of tools and helpers for communication with

3. Cloud-based API

Cloud-based API - You can now easily perform data inspection, discover threats and classify them in your app, service or platform by requesting a scanning job on your data through our cloud-based API.

  • No installation required.
  • Use our Cloud Engine to get visibility into sensitive data collected and stored by your apps and services and add them to projects with specific settings and protection profiles in the Control Panel.
  • Identify, tag, scan confidential data in the cloud and apply remediation actions like encryption and deletion.

4. SaaS for Data Storage Services

Supported services

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Azure Storage
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte
  • ShareFile
  • Syncplicity
  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce

SaaS for Data Storage Services - Connect our SaaS scanning and classification engine to your accounts with popular data storage services such as Box, Dropbox and One Drive and get unmatched visibility into your stored data.

  • No installation required.
  • We offer a powerful scanner that you can use directly on your cloud services such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. to perform data inspection and discover threats based on selected protection profiles.
  • All you have to do is connect your accounts in the Control Panel and you can start scanning right away.