Security is our culture

Security in our APIs, SDKs and Web platform is what we sell and we take good care of it.

We run stack and buffer overflows, penetration testing and security analysis.

1. Cloud Infrastructure

  • Security at scale. Handle large volumes and massive growth, no hardware investment if you opt for Cloud Engine and no complicated licensing models.
  • Utilizing the highest industry standards, all traffic pass through SSL 256 bit encryption. ISO standards are supported, plus OAuth 1, 2 and all major security protocols.
  • 99.9% uptime designed for stability and scaling. We maintain redundancy infrastructure to prevent single points of failure. SLAs and On Premise for large businesses.
  • Built the most advanced globally distributed smart network for Security. Faster responses by leveraging compression, shorter roundtrips while caching near the end user.

2. Secure Code for APIs and SDKs

  • We do this for each release

2.1 Security Updates

Security updates address newly discovered attacks mainly by us but also reported to us by customers and users.

To learn more, please check our website.