Installing on CentOS 6ΒΆ


You have to install Qt >= 5.6 in order to have running on your system.

To install on CentOS 6

  1. Log in to the system that will be used for developing with and open a terminal window.
  2. Download the SDK directly from your Control Panel at Always get the latest version by simply downloading the archive.
  3. Install prerequisites
  • Update system:

    sudo yum --enablerepo=extras install epel-release

    sudo yum update

  1. Install packages:
  • Extract the packages from the archive: tar -xvzf sensitivityio_sds.tar.gz
  • Install all extracted .rpm packages (assuming you have only the extracted packages inside): sudo yum install *.rpm
  1. Test your installation.

    • Start one of the demo apps installed by the packages: /opt/cososys/bin/sensitivityio_test_sdse
You should see the demo app for scanning files and folders.

You can now start working on your integration.